The Day of Surgery

While each child's visit is different, here are some ideas of what you can expect and what may be expected of you the day of surgery.

  • Bring verification of insurance card and a form of ID.
  • If you are not the birth or adoptive parents, written verification of Guardianship must be provided to sign for surgery.
  • If your child is in DHS custody, a judge will have to sign your consent. Your DHS case worker can help set this up.
  • Your child will require your full attention, so please avoid bringing other children with you the day of surgery. Childcare arrangements should be made in advance.
  • We ask that only the patient and parents/caregivers be in the Outpatient Waiting Area. All other family members are welcome to wait in the Surgery Waiting Area.
  • Because our surgical patients are not allowed to eat or drink prior to surgery, the staff asks that no food or drink be brought into the outpatient area. Eating and drinking are allowed in the Surgery Waiting Area across from the Outpatient Registration.
  • Have your child wear comfortable clothing the day of surgery. Think ahead on how he or she will dress following surgery.

Following Surgery

  • Your physician or resident physician will update you on how the surgery went.
  • Sometimes it can take 30-45 minutes before your child is taken to the Recovery Room.
  • When your child is stable in recovery, the nurse will call for 1-2 family members to be at the bedside.
  • The recovery process takes about 45-60 minutes.
  • After recovery, your child will be moved to an outpatient room or be admitted to an inpatient bed if needed.
  • If your child is admitted to an inpatient bed, at least one caregiver is welcome to stay the night with the child in their room. Visiting hours for other family members are flexible, but can vary depending on your child’s condition.
  • Your nursing staff will provide postoperative instructions
    on diet, rest, medications and return appointments
    before discharge.
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