Welcome to The Children's Hospital

When a child is sick and needs medical care, it takes special doctors, nurses and staff, who are experts at treating children. It takes special equipment, designed just for children. It takes treatments and procedures created for the small, growing bodies of children. It takes a hospital for children.

The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center is the only comprehensive children's hospital in Oklahoma and works to provide a child and family-friendly atmosphere, in every way.

Our doctors, nurses and staff are trained in pediatrics, the medical treatment of children, so they can understand and support each child's physical, emotional and social needs, while in the hospital. We use language that children can understand and, when possible, medical play to explain procedures to our young patients. We spend time educating parents and care givers, so they are confident caring for their child after returning home.

When your child is sick or injured, The Children's Hospital can provide the advanced services that perfectly fit the needs of your family.

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